Chang Chun Plastics, Chang Chun Petrochemical, and Dairen Chemical Awarded AEO Certification


The three companies in CCP Group, Chang Chun Plastics Co., Ltd., Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd., and Dairen Chemical Corporation, have been awarded AEO certification by Customs Bureau. The certification takes effect from March 07, 2016.

It's an international trend to strive for an AEO certificate. A Validated AEO represents the compliance to Framework of Standards for security in global trade. The award of certification will not only enable the CCP Group Companies to enjoy the benefits provided by Regulations governing the Certification and Management of the Authorized Economic Operators (AEO), administered by the Ministry of Finance of Taiwan, but also the privileges to access the Mutual Recognition Agreement with the United States of America, Singapore, Israel, and Korea for multiple custom benefits, including speedy custom process and enhanced security. The AEO certificate is the best Security and Safety guarantee of CCP Group Companies to our international business partners.

CCP Group's Sister Company in China – Chang Chun Chemicals, Jiangsu - has been awarded the AEO status at an earlier time on Jun 17, 2015.