CCP has set up a REACH team


June 2, 2008
EU REACH regulation (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical substances) came into effect on June 1, 2007, came into effect. We believe that this legislation will deeply affect your company's business activities in the EU. In this, we are delighted to show you CCP response measures taken to REACH legislation, as well as registration trends CCP products.
CCP has set up a REACH team dedicated to answer your questions on REACH-related products in the CCP. CCP has also set up branch offices Chang Chun Dairen UK Ltd. in the UK, as the sole agent of REACH registration (OR, Only Representative) and plans to pre-register CCP majority of products.
Stage, CCP REACH team is active and close contact with suppliers and all customers, in order to establish a list of pre-registered products. After the list is established, we will notice in the CCP website. News each product will also be a pre-registration site is updated regularly.
After completing the pre-registration of products, we will continue to assess whether or not the product registration, and the establishment of a register list of products. Future product registration and pre-registration list may be dissimilar. Therefore, in order to keep control product registration schedule, it is recommended that you regularly on the CCP web browser to the latest news.
For CCP product in terms of REACH have any questions, please feel free to view the CCP website REACH area, or direct EMAIL: associated with us. We will be happy to serve you! Thank you!
Richard Chen