CCP Group’s Counter Measures to prevent from the spreading of New Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Measures to Group Employees:

1. Prohibiting any unnecessary business travel
  CCP has prohibited business or private travel to the countries classified by Taiwan Centers of Disease Control as Class 3, and requested employees to reduce domestic business travel.
2. Refraining from any unnecessary internal on-site meetings
  CCP employees are asked to refrain from hosting unnecessary meetings. If necessary, telephone or video conferences should be used.
3. Cancelling or postponing all gathering and employee training events
  CCP has entirely cancelled employee training classes. Employees are asked to prevent from taking public transportation and to reduce people gathering. On-site training classes will be replaced by on-line instrument.

Measures to Office Rules:
1. Checking temperatures and sterilizing at the gate of the office building and the factories
  Before entering into the gate, everyone has to go through body temperature check and hand sterilizing. If one’s temperature is over the limit, the guard has to report to CCP’s HSE and refuse the person’s entrance. The person will be asked to go home or to the hospital.
2. Requesting employees to wear medical masks at all time in the office
  During office hours, employees are requested to wear masks all the time.
3. Non CCP employees are not allowed to enter into working areas.
4. Guests, visitors, contractors, upon submission of an adequate health declaration, will be guided to a specific meeting room after accepting temperature check.

CCP will continue to collect information from different channels and government authority and update our counter measures accordingly.