Acrylic emulsion is a milky white polymeric emulsion, mainly produced with acrylic monomer undergoing polymerization, using an initiator in presence of emulsifier with water as a solvent. Acrylic emulsion possesses excellent adhesive and waterproofing properties, which can be used in the textile industry, such as for non-woven fabrics, flannelette blankets and lamination. Selected products can be used in civil engineering such as cement mortar, caulking and elastic cement, while other products can be used for coating material, such as indoor and outdoor water-based paint.

Civil construction

Emulsion for elastic cement mortars.


High performance coating to be used in papermaking, printing ink, paints, coatings, and adhesives.

Textile processing

Used as textile treatment to improve durability and stability of textiles.

Civil construction

1. Acrylic modified cement mortar: PCM-810, PCM-8200, PCM-1468, etc.

2. Emulsion for elastic cement mortar: P-8270, PCM-1433, PCM-8145, etc.

3. Emulsion for caulking, sealant and decorative coating: S-6180, S-625, etc.