Amino resin, also known as melamine resin, has excellent physical and chemical attributes. It works well in conjunction with acrylic resin, alkyd resin, polyester resin or epoxy resin to make good baking varnish. It is widely used as a primer for automotive, bicycles, computer shells, electrical appliances, lumps and metals. Our amino resins can be classified into different types, such as butylated urea formaldehyde resin, n-butyl etherified amino resin, and isobutylated amino resin.

Carpentry coating

Used as a crosslinking agent, typically with alkyd resin. As wood coating, it is usually solidified with acid catalyst due to it is difficult to solidify at high temperature.

Auto enamel coating

Used as crosslinking agent.

Butylated urea formaldehyde resin

1. Wood paint: BR37 series.

2. High gloss wood paint: BR45 series.

3. High heat-resistant wood paint: BR135 series.

n-Butylated amine resin

1. Backing enamel coating: BR20SE-series.

2. Quick-drying backing enamel coating: BR14, BR21R.

3. Low odor backing enamel coating: BR220.

Isobutyl etherified amino resin

Metal backing enamel coating: BR167.