Trade named under EVASIN, our ethylene vinyl alcohol copolymer is a special thermoplastic polymer without any plastic additive. It can be used to produce high oxygen barrier films, sheets and other various food packaging materials. Because of its superior gas barrier function, its application has been widened in recent years. Due to water absorption will impact its barrier property, it is usually used with multi-layer co-extrusion production equipments.

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks made with ethylene-vinyl alcohol copolymer can prevent fuel permeation and also reduces vehicle weight when compared to metal fuel tank.

Food packaging

For the production of various food packaging films.

Ethylene content 29% (mole)

EV2904V/F, EV2951V/F.

Ethylene content 32% (mole)

EV3201V/F, EV3251V/F.

Ethylene content 38% (mole)

EV3851V/F, EV3853F.

Ethylene content 44% (mole)

EV4405V/F, EV4451V/F, EV4408V/F.