The main ingredient in ethylene-vinyl acetate-vinyl chloride emulsion (EVA-VC emulsion) is vinyl chloride, which offers excellent water and fire resistance. Due to EVA-VC emulsion possesses both crosslinking and bridging properties, it is widely used for adjoining all kinds of base materials, particularly glass fiber, metal, plastic film, porous substrate, wood and wallpaper. It forms a clear film with low surface tackiness and good resistance to alkali, lights, and aging.


Excellent adhesive strength and excellent resistance to heat and water.


Treated textile will have excellent flocking ability and high water/solvent resistance and flame retardancy.

Non-woven fabric binder

Treated textile will have increased wet strength and flame retardancy.

Paper impregnation binder

Treated paper will have improved mechanical properties, such as increased tensile and flexural strength.

Carpet adhesive

Carpet adhesive made with EVA-VC emulsion offers excellent dry/wet binding strength with good fire retardancy and heat resistance.

DA901, DA903, DA905

Glass fiber, metal, plastic film, wood, and wallpaper bonding.