Our formaldehyde is produced by oxidation process. During the production, fresh air is mixed with recycled gases, and the chemical reaction occurs within the fixed bed reactor. Through metal oxides catalysis, formaldehyde gas is produced and then absorbed by water in the absorption tower. This semi-finished product is then sent to the formaldehyde barrel area to formulate the finished products with concentration ranging from 14-44%.

Thermosetting resin

Main raw materials for thermosetting resin.

Molding material

Raw material for production phenolic molding compounds, urea resins, and melamine resins.


Raw material for production of various resins/adhesive based on urea, melamine, phenol, or quick glue.


Function as a disinfectant.

Amine resin for coating

Main raw materials for amine resin for coating.

Formaldehyde (Formalin)

14%, 24%, 37%, 42%, 44%.