The unique characteristics of Chang Chun’s HDPE drums are that they are approved by the UN, MIPI (International Packaging Association), and is also ISO 9002 certified. Our drums are corrosion-resistance, which means that the goods contained in them will not be subject to the risk of contamination as result of erosion caused by harsh weather or by storing outdoors. Employing one-piece molding, the thickness of the barrel wall has been optimized during design, and the radial and axial strength have been enhanced to pass a variety of tests. Our HDPE drums are produced using equipments from Germany’s MAUSER Group. Our drums offer advantages of stable quality and high safety, and they are widely used around the world.

Chemical containers

Holds chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide, acetic acid, PVAC glue, formalin, etc.


DR200CP1, DR200F3, DR200C3, DR200A3, DR200W.

Jerry can

DR20, DR25, DR30.

Open top

DR50T2, DR50ST3, DR30T.