Isobutanol (IBA) is a byproduct obtained by hydroformylation of allyl alcohol with carbon monoxide and hydrogen, which is then followed by hydrogenation. It is a colorless liquid which is soluble in water, alcohols, and ethers. IBA can be used as a solvent for coating and as a chemical intermediates in organic synthesis. As the chemical property of IBA is similar with that of n-butanol, it can complement or replace n-butanol in many applications.


Additive for PVC, PVA, PS, MMA, cellulose acetate and other resins to increase flexibility.

Organic synthesis

Chemical intermediates of organic synthesis.

Liquid chromatography

The mobile phase of liquid chromatography.


Solvent for coating resin, paint, and printer ink.

Paint remover

Removes the old film from metals, templates, slab and furniture.

Industrial-grade single specification