Chang Chun Group has been producing paraformaldehyde since Oct. 1983. Due to our paraformaldehyde is mainly in a granular format with consistent quality, it is easy to handle and transport. Because of excellent solubility and broad applicability, it is used in products such as synthetic resin, phenolic resin, urea resin, amino resin, melamine resin, coating resin, ion exchange resin, organic synthesis, etc.

Synthetic resin

Used for production of synthetic resins, such as phenolic resin, urea resin, and furan resin.

Organic synthesis of pharmaceuticals

Used for the production of disinfectants and pharmaceuticals, such as vitamin.

Coating resin

Used to produce coating resins, such as melamine resin.


Used to produce instant/quick glue, also known as cyanoacrylate.


Used to produce agricultural herbicides, such as tricyclazole, tricyclic ketone, pyridine, etc.


PR92, PR91, PR88.