Phenolic resin is the reaction product of phenol and formaldehyde. It offers good mechanical strength, dimensional/thermal stability, and good resistance to electricity, solvent, and acid. It is widely used in molding materials (including electronic packaging materials), laminating materials, polishing materials, bonding, impregnation, casting and other applications.

Decorative laminate

Used for laminates.

Thermal insulation

For thermal insulation.

Molding material

Used for the molding and modifying of engineering plastics.


Used for resin coated sand, riser sleeves, and coating.


Raw material for fire/refractory bricks and hot plates.

Abrasive tools

For use in grinding wheels/emery cloth.

Friction material

Used in automotive brake shoes/pads.

Industrial-grade specification

PF120, PN176F, PF1120HH, PF440, PF4169, PF400, PF4292, PF268.