Vinyl acetate monomer (VAM) is a reactive colorless liquid chemical that is produced by gaseous reaction of ethylene, acetic acid, and oxygen in the presence of a catalyst. Hydroquinone is added as a stabilizer to inhibit polymerization during storage.

Ethylene-vinyl chloride copolymer

Adhesive offering both water-resistance and flame retarding properties.

EVA resin

As a raw material for shape-molding films.

Polyvinyl butyral

Used as interlayer of safety glass.

Polyvinyl alcohol

Used for the processing agents, emulsion stabilizer, adhesives and films for paper or fiber.

Polyvinyl acetate

Paper or wood adhesives, paper or fiber processing agents, coatings, and gum base for chewing gums.

Ethylene copolymer

Vinyl Acetate-Ethylene (VAE) emulsion with low ethylene monomer content is used as adhesive or raw material for coating.

Vinyl chloride copolymer

Raw material for LP records and floor tiles.


HQ: 14-16 ppm.


HQ: 4-7 ppm.


HQ: 7-9 ppm.