Vinyl acetate-ethylene copolymer emulsion (VAE Emulsion) is a copolymer of vinyl acetate and ethylene. It has been developed as a powerful base adhesive, offering the following unique characteristics: strong initial adhesion, high wet tack, good creep resistance, water/alkali-resistance, improved thickening response, and safe operation.

Adhesive (furniture and decoration)

Offers good thermal stability, excellent bonding strength, and quick setting speed.

Packaging and paper adhesive

Excellent setting speed, good maintainability, and easy processing.

Paint and coating (VAE emulsion for coating)

Low odor, low volatile organic compound (VOC), outstanding shielding power, excellent scrub resistance, and easy to adjust additives’ composition.

Paint and coating (waterproofing concrete)

Good flexibility and good water resistance.

Textile and non-woven fabric

Excellent aging resistance and is formaldehyde-free.


Good flexibility and good water resistance.

DA101, DA102, DA102H, DA103, DA107

Excellent heat and water resistance, making them suitable for adhesive.


Low glass transition temperature (Tg).

DA141, DA142, DA143

Suitable for cigarette/cigar rolling glue.


Suitable for elastic cement.


Suitable for water-based emulsion paint.