Construction of Allyl Alcohol, Cumene and Vinyl Acetate Monomer Plants in Singapore


Chang Chun Group will construct new plants to produce allyl alcohol, cumene and vinyl acetate monomer in Singapore, with start-up scheduled in first quarter 2013.
In line with the further thriving demand for downstream derivatives of allyl alcohol, cumene and vinyl acetate monomer worldwide, Chang Chun Group decide to expand the operation of allyl alcohol, cumene and vinyl acetate monomer in Singapore. With these new production facilities , Chang Chun Group will further study to expand its complete downstream chain plants as a second phase for meeting the growing demand and heightening customer requirements over the world.
Outline of the new plants
Tembusu district, Jurong Island, Singapore
total investment in first phase with SGD500,000,000
creating 500 employment opportunity
generating total revenue with around SGD1,434,493,000 to Singapore
Products in First Phase:
150,000MTY Allyl Alcohol
540,000MTY Cumene
350,000MTY Vinyl Acetate Monomer
Scheduled Start-up:
First quarter 2013
(first half 2015 for second phase)
Ethylene & Propylene
supplying source:
Core business of Chang Chun Group
allyl alcohol, 1,4-butanediol, THF, PTMEG, PBT, PBT compound, epichlorophydrin
cumene, phenol, acetone, bisphenol A, epoxy resins, epoxy molding compound
vinyl acetate monomer, PVA, PVB, EVOH, EVA emulsion and VAE powder, PVAc
copper foil, copper clad laminate, PCB
specialty chemicals, glass fiber, insulation paper, etc., with production facilities in Taiwan, China, Indonesia and Malaysia.