Anti-bribery & anti-corruption

Chang Chung Group Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Commitment

Since the establishment of Chang Chun Group, we have upheld integrity as our business value. With this core value, Chang Chun Group take neither injustice nor tolerance approach to combat the corruption and bribery behaviors in any forms enabling none try the lucks for violations to eliminate any kind of misbehaviors. This Commitment applied to the directors, managers, employees, consultants of all our subsidiaries and affiliates as well as all partners conducting business with Chang Chun Group such as customers, agents, suppliers and contractors.

Chang Chun Group acknowledge and comply with the United Nations Convention against Corruption, World Economic Forum Partnering against Corruption Initiative (the “PACI”), US Foreign Corruption Practices Act (the “FCPA”) and UK Bribery Act 2010 as well as relevant laws, decrees and all other business customs in Taiwan. As such, we clearly stipulate our honest business practices in details by publishing and effecting Chang Chun Group Code of Conduct (the “CoC”) and associated procedures with the training allowing all our directors, managers, employees, consultants and business partners fully understood to abide by. Meanwhile, we are committed to our internal enforcement and effectiveness for follows:

Prohibiting to give and receive bribery

All directors, managers, employees, consultants and business partners of Chang Chun Group prohibited from promising, offering, giving or receiving any improper benefits to the customers, agents, contractors, suppliers, officials and all other stakeholders directly or indirectly in any forms.

Prohibiting any illegal political and charitable contributions or sponsors

All directors, managers, employees, consultants and business partners of Chang Chun Group must fully comply with the political contributions regulations for making the donations or sponsors to the political party and organization directly or indirectly.

Any charitable contribution made from the assets or resources of Chang Chun Group must be in compliance with all regulatory laws and requires the pre-approval of the management team. Any equivalents of bribery are extremely prohibited.

Prohibiting the unreasonable business courtesies, entertainments and all improper benefits

All directors, managers, employees, consultants and business partners of Chang Chun Group prohibited to give or receive any unreasonable business courtesies, entertainments and improper benefits particularly the money or anything of value such as the gift card or monetary vouchers to retain the business relationship or influence the business conduct.


For any potential or actual violations set out hereof or with any doubts encouraged to promptly notify your business contact or report to us at

Reporters Protection

Chang Chun Group are dedicated to protecting the person whoever has doubt or need assistance in query or reporting about this Commitment whose identity and reports will be treated confidentially strictly and prohibit retaliation for good faith reports of potential or actual misconducts as well as the involved investigators.

Violations of the Commitment

All members of Chang Chun Group who violate this Commitment will be subject to the severe punishment including the appropriate discipline up to including termination of employment and liable for the damage compensation, administrative fine and criminal charges.

With the full enforcement of Chang Chun Group’s integrity business policy, we reserve the right to cease all business conducts once the violations occurred at our business partner who then put on our list of business prohibition.

Chang Chun Group will work with all business partners to effectively contain, detect any bribery and corruptions arisen during our business activities constantly to fulfill the integrity as our business value.