Business philosophy and operating principles

Business philosophy


Customer First.

Creative Innovations.

Operating principles

Be diligent and pragmatic; work together.

Grow together with the customers.

Innovate through R&D and make contributions to the society.

Integrity, the essence of Chang Chun’s business philosophy.

Integrity is the essence of Chang Chun Group’s business philosophy. We treat all of our customers with integrity- our honest and reliable high quality service.

“Enhancing quality to satisfy the customers” is one of the objectives of our company’s quality focused policy. It is also the major reason why our products are sold all over the world. To ensure quality, all new technologies are first vetted in pilot environments. Mass production will only initiate if the new process meets our standards and the related standard operating procedures have been fully developed and accepted. Our production quality control system is extended to two opposite ends of the supply chain, from raw material procured to delivered products, and quality satisfaction metrics are rigorously examined. By continuously improving our quality control system, all factories have been ISO-9000 certified. Our automotive-related products have also passed the International Automotive Task Force IATF-16949 certifications. We are awarded the Authorized Supplier status by many renowned customers as our products’ quality and services are internationally recognized.