Profile of Chang Chun Group

Started a business in a diligent and selfless manner

During the post-war reconstruction of Taiwan in 1949, Messrs Liao Ming-Kun, Lin Shu-Hong, and Tseng Shin-Yi, were recent graduates of Taipei Industrial College (currently known as National Taipei University of Technology). Filled with passion and ambition, they started a business together with each investing NT$500 to establish Chang Chun Plastics Factory (which seeded Chang Chun Group). With selfless spirits and unrelenting dedication, the three Chang Chun founders have been working together for over 60 years.

The first Chang Chun product was the phenolic molding compound made from wood powder and phenol resin which established Chang Chun as the first plastics manufacturer in Taiwan. Three years later, Chang Chun successfully developed urea molding material and helped curtail Taiwan’s reliance on imports of thermosetting plastics.

In 1953, Chang Chun developed a product that played a major role in Taiwan’s economic development. The product was urea glue for bonding water-resistant plywood. Our urea glue greatly enhanced the quality of plywood made by Taiwanese manufacturers and led Taiwan to become a major player in the global plywood industry. Our development also helped boost Taiwan’s foreign exchange reserves and laid a solid foundation for Chang Chun’s future development.

In 1964, Chang Chun Petrochemical Co., Ltd was founded as the second core company within Chang Chun Group. It specialized in the production of methyl alcohol using natural gas processed in its Miaoli Factory, making it a pioneer in the petrochemical industry in Taiwan.

In 1979, Dairen Chemical Corporation was established as the third core company within the Group. It specializes in the production of vinyl acetate monomer.

In addition to three aforementioned companies, Chang Chun Group has also founded dozens of other affiliates/subsidiaries/joint ventures. Besides Taiwan, it has also set up production bases in China, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore, manufacturing more than one hundred types of products covering chemicals, synthetic resin, thermosetting plastics, high-performance engineering plastic, electronic materials and semiconductor chemicals. Chang Chun has made tremendous contributions in the development of the industry and has improved quality of life for many people.

Research and innovation-- the driving force of growth

To innovate, Chang Chun Group has long invested 10% of its human resources in R&D. More than one hundred new products have been developed based on years of accumulated experiences and under an environment of abundant budget, excellent researchers, and advanced equipment. As a result, a complete vertically and horizontally integrated product chain was formed.

Chang Chun Group has emerged as a leading global manufacturer by relying on self-developed products, such as copper foil, PBT engineering plastics, polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), 1,4-butanediol (1,4-BDO), VAE emulsion, epoxy resins, EVOH, and allyl alcohol. These products demonstrate Chang Chun’s outstanding R&D capability, and such capability is the driving force behind its enduring success.

Assuring customers through integrity

Integrity is the essence of Chang Chun Group’s business philosophy.

Our mission to fulfill commitments to customers with high-quality, stable prices, and dependable delivery is paramount. It is our responsibility to offer the best quality, reliable pricing, and maintain long-term relationships with our customers. This explains how we have gained enduring loyalty among our customers.

Delivering products on time and meeting customers’ quality requirements is our basic service requirement. To support that, in 1992, we introduced ISO9000 International Quality Management Systems into our operations. Nowadays, the ISO quality assurance philosophy is engrained in each of our employees and we all strive to execute this methodology daily.

Determined to transform in order to manage efficiently

In addition to achieving innovations in production, Chang Chun has also devoted itself to improving its management system.

During the very early years, Chang Chun completed the construction of the Netware regional network and high-speed video network between its headquarters and manufacturing facilities. In June of 1996, IBM/Lotus Notes system was introduced and the ERP system was developed in-house, thereby completing the set-up of enterprise’s internal network.

Through implementation of ISO9000 International Quality Management and ISO14001 International Environment Management to enforce a series of regulations, Chang Chun has improved many workflows, thereby making its management systems more efficient and practical.

Being responsible to the environment and society

Chang Chun Group regards the environment as the most valuable asset to mankind and believes that it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect the environment. We have introduced the most advanced technologies and equipment to improve the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems in all of our factories. In fact, our wastewater treatment process is an industry leader for innovation through technology and environmental stewardship.

Aside from wastewater treatment, each factory implements appropriate environmental protection initiatives based on properties of its raw materials used, products produced, and the manufacturing processes employed. To ensure our emissions are in compliance with applicable environmental regulations, we strongly promote waste reduction and efficient recycling. Best-fit air pollution controls and waste management solutions are implemented. Significant R&D is focused on waste reduction and pollution prevention during the manufacturing processes.

In addition, we have resources focused on various recycling and regenerating processes. We assist customers in handling and recycling their wastewater generated during their manufacturing process to reduce emissions and to reuse such resources. In recent years, we have also developed a new manufacturing process that uses carbon dioxide as raw material to produce acetic acid, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions through reuse.

Respecting life through promoting safe operations

Everyone, from the management to our employees, is committed in promoting occupational safety and health in the entire enterprise as part of Chang Chun’s pursuit for excellence in safety.

Stressing the importance of safety, we invest in items or services that ensure safety such as new construction assessments, process design considerations, configurations of hardware and software, and developing safety rules and emergency response plans, are our efforts to build a safe, hygienic, and good work environment.

Encouraging employee safety culture is even more important than the hardware used or the rules established to protect their safety. Beyond developing Chang Chun safety practices and considerations, from guidelines on plant design, equipment/raw materials procurement, manufacturing processes, storage, transport, to marketing, our senior management also endorses and organizes staff training and seminars for all staff. Management actively participates in plant safety evaluations, as well. All these actions deepen the safety concept into the hearts of all employees and thereby making safety a standard consideration in all daily activities.

Toward sustainable operations

Chang Chun has been able to maintain stable growth and financial stability due to abundant enterprise resources, our spirit of hard work, continuous innovations, collaboration and cooperation with other companies, and integration of international marketing resources. Consistent with our past performance, we will continue to improve our manufacturing processes, minimize industry waste, implement additional pollution prevention measures, and develop technologies to improve wastewater treatment efficiency. Being environmentally sustainable is a primary goal for our Group.

With our employees embodying the vision of the founders, Chang Chun Group has upheld integrity, the customer first tenet, and creative innovation as its sustainable business philosophy for over 60 years. We hope to continue to provide high quality products and services to our customers, to make developments for the industry, and to make a significant impact with protection of the environment for our future generations.