Since 1987, Chang Chun has been conducting independent R&D on manufacturing technologies for copper foil. Mass production of copper foil began in 1988, and production plants were setup in both Miaoli, Taiwan and in Changshu, Jiangsu province, China. Full range of specifications and sizes were developed for high-tech industries. Our copper foil are widely used in various types of fiberglass epoxy resin copper clad laminate, multilayer printed circuit board, flexible circuit board, IC-substrate, lithium-ion battery, and paper-phenolic resin copper clad laminate.

Printed circuit boards industry

Glass epoxy copper clad laminate, flexible circuit boards, paper phenolic copper clad laminate, printed circuit board, carrier board.

Lithium-ion battery industry

Batteries for consumer electronics and cell phone, power batteries, energy storage batteries, and electric vehicles.

W/O copper foil

1. HTE copper foil (PLS Type, PLS-L Type, PKS Type).

2. Reserve treated electrodeposited copper foil (RTF Type).

3. Copper foil for Flexible Print Circuit (Flex-RTF Type).

4. Very low profile copper foil (VLP Type, VFP Type).

W/A copper foil

1. General resin coated copper foil (LTL Type).

2. Leakage current-resistance resin coated copper foil (LTC Type).

Copper foil for lithium-ion battery

1. Double-sided glossy and highly elongated copper foil (BFR-1 Type, BFR-H2 Type).

2. Double-sided glossy high-tensile copper foil (BFR Type, BFR-AT Type).