Chang Chun phenolic molding compounds (under trade name of LONGLITE) are heat-hardening resins. Formulated based on the needs and usages of our customers, our phenolic molding compounds are produced by mixing different materials and pigments to the base phenolic resin which we also manufacture. Employing integrated operations (from raw materials introduction, reaction process, to final packaging), our products are manufactured with the strictest quality management. As result, our phenolic molding compounds offer consistent quality and good performance, and they have gained recognition from all sectors over the years.

Frames/Holders for various products

Transformer for a variety of electrical appliances, laptops, and electronics.

Cookware handles

Cookware handles for various large/small home appliances, such as oven, electric baking pan, etc.

Electrical parts

Capacitors, circuit breakers, relays, light switches, etc.

Motor parts

Commutator, carbon brush holders.

Auto parts

Canisters for fluorescent starters, water pump parts.

Ammonia-free grade specification

T200HF, T220NA.

High-strength grades

T355J, T310J, T399J, T391, T651, T655.

Coil bobbin grades

T383JB, T385JB, T378JB, T375HF, T200HF, T220NA.

Heat resistant grades

T378J, T375J, T365FAH, T376JA.

Electrical appliance grades

T357J, T373J.

General grades

T383J, T385J, T365FA.