Polybutylene Terephthalate, PBT for short, is a thermoplastic polyester resin derived from copolymerization of 1,4-butanediol and terepthalic acid (PTA). Fiber glass can be added in the later stage of production to strengthen the product. Other additives can also be added to give PBT resins various electrical or mechanical advantages or to improve other attributes, such as fire retardation. It is high performance engineering plastic with the widest uses.

Electronic connectors

Connectors for various electronic I/O components, such as RJ45 network connectors, Audio jack, etc.

Automobile parts: connectors, motors, lights

1. Connectors: car dashboard, lighting, and electric switch;
2. Lights: escutcheon (Bezel), the base;
3. Door: window motors, electrical switches, door locks, door handles;
4. Others: wipers and roof rails.

Cooling fans

Raw material for production of AC axial fans, DC fans, etc.

Home appliances

Electric irons, grills, and hair straighteners.

Lighting parts

LED lamps and compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

General grades

CCP PBT-1000 series: PBT-1000, PBT-1200.

Flame retardant grades

CCP PBT-2000 series: PBT-2000, PBT-2100.

Reinforced grades

CCP PBT-3000 series: PBT-3015, PBT-3020, PBT-3030.

Reinforced and flame retardant grades

CCP PBT-4000 series: PBT-4115, PBT-4120, PBT-4130, PBT-4140, PBT-4815, PBT-4830.

Halogen-free strengthened flame retardant PBT

CCP PBT-5000 series: PBT-5615, PBT-5630.

Grades incorporating special additives, such as PC, ABS, ASA alloy

CCP PBT-6000, 7000 series: PBT-6000, PBT-6100, PBT-7000, PBT-7100, PBT-7300.