Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) is a liquid-based resin produced via acetal reaction by having polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) reacting with aldehydes using acid catalyst. It is widely used in safety glass interlayers, adhesive for printing ink, adhesive of wash primer, baking varnish, electronic ceramics, and printed circuit boards. It also shows good adhesion for glass and metal.

Laminated glass interlayer

In conjunction with plasticizer, it can be used to produce the PVB interlayer/film, which can be used in architectural and automotive industries.

Printing ink

Adhesive for various type of printing inks, including gravure, relief printing, and rubber relief.


Primer, baking varnish, wood paint, electronic ceramics, printed circuit boards, textile waterproof processing, etc.

High-viscosity grade


General grades

B17HX, B14HX, B08HX, B06HX, B05HX, B04HX, B03HX.

High acetalization grades

B08SY, B05SY.

Modified grades for PCB application

B03TX, B10TX, B17TX.