After spray drying, VAE emulsion is turned into a white powder which is a copolymer of ethyl and vinyl acetate. It is free-flowing and is easy to emulsify. When dispersed in water, it forms a stable emulsion. Possessing the typical characteristics of VAE emulsion, this free-flowing powder offers greater convenience in handling and storage. It can be used by mixing with other powder-like materials, such as cement, sand and other lightweight aggregate, and it can also be used as a binder in building materials and adhesives.

External wall insulation system

External insulation finishing systems (EIFS).

Gypsum slurry

Good workability, bonding performance, weather resistance and reducing water absorption.

Self-leveling cement compound/concrete

Improves flow properties, and increases the tensile bond strength, bending strength, and abrasion-resistance to the surface.

Repair mortar

Excellent adhesion properties, low shrinkage, and excellent workability.

Ceramic tile adhesive

Offers good adhesion.

Joint grouts

For repairing of concrete joints.

DA1100, DA1120, DA1122, DA1126, DA1130, DA1133, DA1141

High glass transition temperature (Tg), suitable for tile adhesion, repair mortar, self-leveling cement compounds, mineral plasters, gypsum based compounds, etc.

DA1200, DA1210, DA1220

Suitable for tile adhesion mortar, self-leveling cement compounds, and gypsum based compounds.

DA1400, DA1410, DA1420, DA1430, DA1450

Suitable for sealing slurry, tile adhesion, and thermal insulating system.


Suitable for sealing slurry, repair mortar, thermal insulating system, and mineral plasters.


Suitable for tile adhesion mortar, thermal insulating system, and mineral plasters.