gamma-Butyrolactone (GBL) is a solvent with high-boiling point. Its advantages of good solubility, dielectric property, and stability make it suitable as an extractant, dispersant, and dyeing auxiliaries. GBL is also an important intermediate for organic synthesis and can be used in fields such as biomedical, pharmaceuticals, and agrochemical/pesticide.


Mainly used as a coagulator, dyeing auxiliaries, synthetic resin solvent, photoresist coating, etc.

Heterocyclic compounds

Raw material of NMP, PVP, or cyclopropylamine production.

Electronic industry

Raw material for capacitor and the electrolyte of lithium-ion battery.

Industrial-grade gamma-butyrolactone specifications

There are two types of purity, min. 99.7% and min. 99.9%, available depending on customer’s requirement.